Single-Session Integrated CBT (SSI-CBT) (CBT Distinctive Features)

Single-Session Integrated CBT (SSI-CBT) (CBT Distinctive Features)

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Until quite recently, therapist training was predicated on the notion that therapy is an ongoing process. Single-Session Integrated CBT (SSI-CBT) questions this. In this book, Windy Dryden takes long standing research on SSI therapy and transfers it to the field of CBT in a timely and conceptual application. Based on his extensive work demonstrating the benefits of single-session CBT to public and professional audiences, Dryden has developed a single-session approach for work in the therapy and coaching fields.

Comprising 30 key points, and divided into two parts - Theory and Practice - this concise book covers the key features of SSI-CBT. It will offer essential guidance for students and practitioners experienced in CBT, as well as practitioners from other theoretical orientations who require an accessible guide to the distinctive theoretical and practical features of this exciting new approach.

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  • Author: Windy Dryden
  • Publication Date: 2016-12-15
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Routledge
  • Binding: Paperback, 244 pages
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