Metacognitive Therapy: Distinctive Features (CBT Distinctive Features)

Metacognitive Therapy: Distinctive Features (CBT Distinctive Features)

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Metacognitive therapy is based on the principle that worry and rumination are universal processes leading to emotional disorder. These processes are linked to erroneous beliefs about thinking and unhelpful self-regulation strategies.

Metacognitive Therapy: Distinctive Features is an introduction to the theoretical foundations and therapeutic principles of metacognitive therapy. Divided into two sections, Theory and Practice and using thirty key points, the authors explore how metacognitive therapy can allow people to escape from repetitive thinking patterns that often lead to prolonged psychological distress.

This book is a valuable resource for both students and practitioners wishing to develop a basic understanding of metacognitive therapy and how it compares and contrasts with traditional forms of cognitive behavioural therapy.

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  • Publication Date: 2009-03-14
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