ACT With Couples

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This is not actaully a protocol as such, but this page seemed like the most logical place on the website to locate it. It is a powerpoint presentation from a half-day workshop I have given a few times, on the use of ACT with couples. I have a book on this coming out in early 2009 (called 'ACT With Love' - published by New Harbinger) The link below allows you to download it from my website: 


Has the presentation been removed.

I am not seeing any files listed here. Maybe I'm just missing it but I'm wondering if the file has been removed as it seems it was placed out here quite a while back.

**Update** -Sorry, I see now that the file downloads after clicking on the website link. Thank you for the information, very cool.

thank you

I work with families and couples struggling with divorce and co-parenting and this presentation and your book, ACT with Love are such a great resources. I am attempting to write something for co-parents after divorce using ACT skills.
Thank you for sharing!

Mary Atwater