ACT with Christian clients

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In practising ACT, both personally and in my private practice, I have become more and more convinced that ACT is entirely suited to work within the worldview of Christians of all persuasions.  I am well versed in the Bible and various theological teachings and have yet to find anything contrary to these within the practice of ACT.

There are many advantages to be found when approaching a Christian client from within their worldview, in the actual practising of ACT.  You don't have to be a Christian to be able to use the tools that I have been developing for clinicians.

Furthermore, there are pitfalls that the unwary may find confusing and confounding. For example, the use of mindfulness can easily be mistaken, especially by those of the evangelical and/or charismatic persuasion, as being 'dodgy' and related to Eastern religions.

All of these issues require clarification which I can assist you with. In both general and specific issues I have been practising ACT as a Christian for ten years, and am also accumulating more and more experience in the training arena.  I am available on Skype by arrangement, via my email address  Of course, we could meet in person at a Worldcon, or if you are in South Africa!

I have previously posted quite comprehensive reference tables cross-tabulating the six ACT processes with the Bible.  They can be found on this website.