ACT and other CBS-Relevant Technologies

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This page includes a list of ACT and other CBS-relevant technologies that have been developed including web-based interventions and mobile apps.

If there is a technology you would like to have added, please email Michael Levin at or you can add a "child page" using the option at the bottom (it will add a link on this page to go to another page you create).


ACT/CBS-Relevant Apps

- ACT-companion (iOS & Android),

- ACT Coach (iOS),

- ACT Mindfully (Android),

- Buddhify (iOS),

- Gratitude Journal (iOS),

- Headspace (iOS & Android),

- I Here Now (iOS),

- Lift (iOS & Android),, Free goal setting/tracking app

- Mindfulness Coach (iOS),

- Mindfulness Daily (iOS),

- Mindi (iOS),

- Moodlytics (iOS & Android),

- Recovery Key (iOS),

- Relational Training (Android),

- Simply Being (iOS & Android),

- SmartQuit (iOS & Android),

- Somatiq ACT apps (iOS),

- Songify (iOS & Android),

- Stop, Breathe & Think (iOS),

- Talking Tom Cat 2 (iOS & Android),

- The Mindfulness App (iOS & Android),

- The Mindfulness App II (iOS & Android),

- The Sleep School App (iOS & Android),

- T2 Mood Tracker (iOS & Android),

- Voice Changer Plus (iOS),


ACT Web-Based Interventions

- 6 ACT Conversations,

- ACT for Life,


- LifeGuard,

- Headsted has developed several web programmes that are based on ACT studies especially at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The programmes that are available in Finnish target social anxiety, depressive symptoms, work-related stress, and sleep problems (Finnish-speakers, see Three of the programmes ('Hold Your Nerve', 'Shift Your Stress', and 'Value Your Self') have also been translated into English and are being evaluated in the UK:


Mindfulness Websites


Other Online Videos and Resources

- Flexible Empathy Exercise,

- Passengers on the bus,

- Unwelcome Party Guest,

- What is Experiential Avoidance,

- Veterans Health Administration ACT Video Series (created by Matthew Boone)



Observing Self:


Values & Committed Action: