ACBS Chapter & SIG Committee

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The primary function of this committee is to advise and support existing ACBS chapters, affiliates, and SIGs, as well as to maintain & promote the development and organization of new chapters, affiliates, & SIGs.

A major tool for accomplishing this is the chapter & SIG annual report, an important method of annual communication for existing chapters. Beyond the annual report however, we strongly encourage all ACBS members to consider contacting us with needs, requests, concerns or ideas regarding chapter's & SIG's at any time throughout the year. We can help with: general guidance regarding holding an event/training, increasing membership, reviving struggling chapters/SIG’s or starting new ones, information about or facilitation of elections, conflict resolution within or between chapters/SIG's and the promotion & coordination of synthetic efforts among chapters/SIG’s. For more information, be sure to check out the Chapter, SIG, Affiliate Leader Resources.

Feel free to contact any of our commitee members:

Mark Sisti, Ph.D.
Committee Chair

Brian Pilecki, Ph.D.
Deputy Chair

John Armando, LCSW
Liaison to LCSW SIG

Miranda Morris, Ph.D.
Member at Large

Graciela Rovner, Ph.D.
Member at Large