Training Observations for Peer Review at the ACBS World Conference

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If you are building a portfolio of materials to submit for peer review to become a Peer Reviewed ACT trainer, the World Conference can be a place where you may be able to be observed delivering training. The process for requesting an observation must be done in advance and involves completing the Observation request form on the Training Page at:, under the link 'How can my training be observed?" We will do our best to arrange an observation, though this is dependent on the availability of reviewers and so we can not guarantee it.

In addition, that page details exactly the kinds of materials you need to show to successfully achieve peer review. Please only request an observation if you are committed to the process, have self-assessed that you are ready to make an application and have already begun to work on your portfolio. If you are thinking you might one day apply, please don't request an observation at this stage. Instead, you can read more about the process on the Training Page and you can contact the Training Committee Chair (details on the training page) for further advice and support about the peer review process.

David Gillanders
ACBS Training Committee Chair