Social Work and ACT SIG

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Social Work and ACT Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2011

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Contact Information

John Armando, LCSW or


Stay tuned for details about electing new officers for 2018 and forward:



2017 Officers

President: John Armando

Advisory Committee:

Matt Boone
Julie Hamilton
Joanne Steinwachs
Mark Kaufman
Tim Gordon
Brian Mundy
Michael Vurek

Steering Committee:

Michelle Bowes
Michelle Trudgen
Joanne Hersh
Amy Kalama Hochreiter
Amanda Savage Brown
Eliot Fisch

Brian Peck (Facebook page and group administrator)



Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is well-suited to the practice of social
work. Both share a focus on context, strengths, and understanding human
suffering in ways that avoid pathologizing individuals and communities. The
Social Work ACT SIG is committed to supporting the intersection of social work
theory and practice and contextual behavioral science. The SIG will strive to do
the following:
– ensure that the social work perspective is addressed in symposia, panels,
workshops, and trainings at ACBS world conferences;
– facilitate social work input in the upcoming ACBS journal, Contextual
Behavioral Science;
– provide outreach to social work programs and students;
– facilitate shared efforts to publish about the link between ACT and social
work theory and practice;
– increase opportunities for social workers to access resources and network
within the ACBS community in all areas, including research, education, job
opportunities, consultation, program development, and supervision;
– increase the proliferation of ACT/RFT within the social work community,
thereby expanding treatment access to the general public;
– increase number of social workers training other clinicians in ACT/RFT in
their communities;
– increase sense of connectedness between social workers and the overall ACBS

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