Advancement of Contextual Education Science SIG

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Advancement of Contextual Education Science Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2012

Contact Information

Nicholas M. Berens, Ph. D.
Fit Learning
Locust Valley, New York

2012-2014 Officers

Nicholas M. Berens, Ph. D., President
Timothy Weil, Ph. D., Vice President
Darin Cairns, Ph. D., Treasurer
Kendra Rickard, Ph.D., Secretary
Eric Fox, Ph. D., Member at Large

Mission Statement

The mission of the Advancement of Contextual Education Science Special Interest Group is to provide a forum to organize, discuss, debate, and foster the products of Contextual Behavior Science as they relate to all matters of education. The SIG embraces traditional educational topics, populations, and settings but also topics and populations characteristic of clinical, social, business, and public settings. All approaches based on a contextual approach are welcome such as precision teaching, RFT based approaches, or direct instruction.

Description of SIG membership 

The membership will be open to anyone interested in matters of education and instruction from a contextual science perspective. The list includes but is not limited to those who practice or are interested in basic researcher, education, instruction, training, learning, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching, standard measurement, Evidence Based Instruction, staff training, educational policy, philosophy, Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, School Psychology.  

SIG Activities

The ACBS – ACES will hold an annual business meeting at World Con. At which point, further actions and activities of the sig will be established.