Developmentally Disabled and Psychotic Individuals

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Authors note:

The co-morbidity of psychosis in individuals with developmental disabilities may exacerbate the financial strain, emotional turmoil, and difficulties in adaptive functioning that these individuals experience. Given the salience of distress across domains of functioning, there exists a pressing need for more effective interventions to address this population. I am posting this protocol in the hope that it will assist treatment practitioners working with the developmentally disabled. It is an attempt to create more "physicalized" ACT metaphors for clients who think more concretely. Please understand that ACT work with this population is evolving and that this protocol is a work in progress. An small single case study using this protocol was discussed in Pankey and Hayes, 2003. (see publications list).



This is fantastic! I'd like to know which books are being cited in this protocol, so I can read futher about interventions that are mentioned but not described. I saw a note about *ACT handbook* but there are no title matches in

the "ACT Handbook"

I'm 99% sure that the "ACT handbook" actually refers to the 1999 book by Hayes, Strosahl, & Wilson "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy". Before it was in print with Guilford it was xeroxed and passed around a lot and referred to as the "ACT handbook". If I'm wrong, someone please correct me by commenting below. (There is a new addition of the 1999 book, but there are significant changes so you may or may not find what you're looking for in there.)