La matrice en français

Ceux d'entre vous qui sont familiers avec le modèle développé par Kevin Polk, Jerold Hambright et Mark Webster pourront être interessés par ces deux images de la matrice traduites en français.
La première est la matrice avec les 4 quadrants, la seconde représente la même matrice avec un spirale ajoutée côté lutte représentant comment on peut se retrouvé coincé dans la lutte contre pour trouver des solutions à sa souffrance.

dental phobia

Hi guys. I am interested in devising a specific ACT / Mindfulness protocol for treatment of dental phobia. I would like some advice re any literature re treatment efficacy (if any) in this specific domain or any other input. At this stage I am obtaining advice from dentists regarding patient profiles and specific symptoms - the problem appears to be more problematic with children and/or adults having more complex dental work. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers from sunny but hot Queensland Australia

Faire Face à la Souffrance, Choisir la vie plutôt que la lutte avec la Thérapie d'Acceptation et d'Engagement

[img_assist|nid=4378|title=|desc=|link=url|url=|align=left|width=222|height=320]Mon premier livre (et le premier livre en français présentant l'ACT) publié par les éditions Retz sort en librairie le 7 Septembre 2009.

Extrait de la Quatrième de Couverture:

Case conceptualization (in spanish)

Here is a spanish translation of the Lilis & Luoma's "Case conceptualization form" (is in the book and also in Luoma's website). Any suggestions will be welcome. Hope you like it!


The Matrix Webinar will be Recorded

Hi Folks,

Several people were wondering if the Matrix Webinar will be recorded. Thanks to the creativity of Bob D., I will be taping the webinars so they can be played back at a later date. So if you can't make the 4pm Eastern time slot, then you can listen at a later time.

You can sign up for the webinar at [[]]

The webinar starts Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 4pm Eastern.

The fee is very flexible.

Join us if you can.

Take Care,


Illustrations ACT/New ACT illustrations

Le dessinateur Marc Lizano qui a réalisé les belles illustrations de mon livre "Faire Face à la Souffrance" Retz, Paris 2009 les a posté sur son blog. Un avant-goût de l'ouvrage.
Check out the beautiful illustrations for my upcoming French ACT Self-Help book, "Faire Face à la Souffrance" Retz, Paris 2009!

A Brief ACT Presentation Using the Matrix


Attached is a draft of a write-up of a brief Introduction to ACT presentation I do based on The Matrix. I also attached the handout for the presentation called MatrixLifeManual.ppt

As always, email me with any questions.

Take Care,


the nature of suffering

circa winter of 2004...

overheard in the salt lake city airport:

a man talking on his cell phone saying, "yeah, I'm in Idaho again. They always seem to send me through Idaho."

Watching People Stutter and Their Courage


ACT World Conf III Experiences

Managed to squeeze into workshop program in the form of the workshop led by Steven Hayes & Lindsay Sawyer. Met and talked to Ross Leonard, New South Wales, Australia.

New Version of Togus IOP ACT Protocol

This is a duplicate of a post found elsewhere. I'm using my blog as a kind of bookmarking tool, that's why I put it under my blog entry. I hope this is not confusing to anyone.

Attached is the newest version of the Togus one week Intensive Outpatient Program ACT protocol. This is a significant change in that we have moved Self-As-Context to the beginning of the protocol.

This protocol is really done at the end of day 3 after "The Bus." We are required to do 5 days, however, for bureaucratic reasons.

Getting to Derived Relational Responding with The Pen, The Grid, and The Mix (new World Con Title)

Hi Folks,

As some of you know, my colleagues (Jerold Hambright and Mark Webster) and I have moved beyond the iView to The Grid to organize our sessions. The exercise that we use to set up The Grid is The Pen. After doing The Pen and setting up The Grid we can then use a cool intervention called The Mix.

The point is that my July 1 morning workshop at World Con should be titled,

"Getting to Derived Relational Responding with The Pen, The Grid and The Mix"

instead of,

"From Verbal Content to Experiential Process with the iView."

Début du projet de recherche

Toutes les formalités éthiques sont complétées. Le recrutement des participants est en cours jusqu'au 19 juin.
Si vous lisez ces lignes, peut-être êtes-vous une des personnes à qui j'ai offert la mission de trouver des candidats potentiels. Si tel est le cas, ne vous gênez pas pour m'envoyer un message ou demander des clarifications sur mon projet!

À bientôt!

Kevin Polk's Webinars: Week of 5/31/09

Hi folks,

This is just a reminder about the webinars that are coming up this week of May 31, 2009.

If you have requests for specific content, drop me a line.

I have had one request for me do to an early morning webinar in my time, 5am USA Eastern time, for folks in other parts of the world. If you are interested, please drop me a line:


This week we will continue with the
ACT Enthusiast Webinar/Phone Call. Wednesdays at 4pm EST.


Mindfulness 101 Handout

As I continue to do this work, especially in the primary care setting, I find myself paring down these concepts further and further.

Attached is a nice, simple, intro-to-mindfulness handout I developed. Hope you can find use for it in your work (and life)!

And remember, you must be logged in to see the attachments! (((gong)))

This Week's Webinars

Hi Folks,

This is just to let folks know what webinars are coming up this week of May 24, 2009.

We can have up to 15 people per webinar.

I am an ACT Enthusiast: [[]]
If you are an ACT Enthusiast and enjoy trading ideas about all things ACT (new clinical stuff, research ideas, etc.), this is your call.

Warning: This is a psychologically flexible call. It can take you to unexpected places.


Positive press for ABA for autism

For many years, children with autism had virtually no chance for improvement of their condition. Then came applied behavior analysis, which is so successful that now tens of thousands of children receive these services every year. I just stumbled across this fairly well done media piece on how some kids initially diagnosed with autism are able to become indistinguishable from kids their peers after a few years of ABA work. Although the piece is a bit sensationalized and certainly many kids do not have that good of an outcome, it is remarkable that some do!

Conference Call May 20 at 4pm

Hi Folks,

Join me for my first conference call. We will talk about any ACT stuff people want to talk about. If folks don't have specific questions, I will talk about the new stuff we are doing in my shop. Sort of ACT Gone Wild, Gone Really Wild!

Just use the link below.



2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial 218-844-4937
Access Code: 753-596-003
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 753-596-003

The Grid Replaces the iView

I wanted to let you know about a significant change to the Polk & Hambright Group ACT Protocol; we have replaced the iView with The Grid. As the people who participated in the ACT for Groups training know, The Grid consists of two discrimination tasks. These discrimination tasks were in the iView, but we were not explicitly training them. After doing both the iView and The Grid in groups, we tried dropping the iView and did only The Grid. Data and clinical observation agree that faster behavioral change toward values occurs with The Grid only.

ACT in New England List #9: May 2009

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ACT in New England List
Mailing #9: May 2009

1. Welcome
2. ACT Trainings in New England
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Functionally Speaking - A Third Wave Podcast #6

You might need some references for this version of Functionally Speaking. The intro alludes to a Washington Post article called [[|Pearls Before Breakfast]] which can be found at: that I found particularly condescending and is related to a series of posts on the ACT Listserve called “A Violinist in the Metro” from early March 2008.

Functionally Speaking - A Third Wave Podcast #5

Check out the podcast at:

8-page Easy Read 300 BC Can Relate Strongly to ACT

Just 8 pages of Hard & Easy Reading Can Relate Strongly to ACT!
Recently, we had an atheist come to talk in our 'Frukostklubben'
(the Breakfast Club) in our senior-citizen residence in Stockholm.
This did not draw quite as many listeners as our 'kioskvältare'
(block busters?): "Sex & Youth", "Arguments for Monarchy", Per Holmberg who came in from the airplane cabin and saved 158 lives landing at Gottroera, Sweden; or the protestant hospital priest, the Jesuit, the Jewish cantor, or the imam.

3rd try: COPY BEFORE you PREVIEW! sven (feeling smaller) //

sven (feeling smaller)

If you preview your entry and try to change it, you LOSE it all. S-->R //

// just means: The title says it all.
If you preview your entry and try to change it,
you LOSE it all.

Questionnaire for Act Therapists

Dear Act therapists,
I am a researcher from Portsmouth Univ.,carring out a research on the effectiveness of Act Group Therapy .
Enclosed a questionnaire which can help me as a pilot step to understand the attidutes of therapists towards Act Group Therapy and its components.
I would appreciate you taking part !

Miri Mor

Free guide available to help psychologists write for the general public

For those in the ACT community new to writing book & articles for popular audiences, I've posted a free guide to a technique often overlooked, but very useful for helping readers stay with, understand, and enjoy what you’re telling them at each stage of your content. Professional writers often call this technique a “road map,” after the wonderful piece of crumpled-up technology still to be found in many automobile glove boxes.


Today is the start of my blog. I am sitting in my office having discussed the wonders of being a clinical psychologist with a trainee. I began to talk about ACT and found myself sounding rather evangelical. Still since I have become a parent I find myself prosthelsizing about many things. Since doing Kelly's workshop I have found myself in awe of the lives that the people I work with who am I to suggest how and whether things can be done differently. Those people continue in spite of adversity and I so admire them.

Colloque de sciences infirmières à l'Université du Québec en Outaouais

Je serai au colloque de sciences infirmières à l'UQO le 29 avril prochain pour présenter une affiche décrivant les grandes lignes de mon projet de recherche intitulé: Effet d'un intervention découlant de la thérapie d'acceptation et d'engagement sur le rétablissement de jeunes adultes présentant un premier épisode psychotique.

J'aurai sur place des disques audio à vendre, qui contiennent 3 exercices utilisés dans le projet de recherche, soient: la parade des soldats, les feuilles sur la rivières et pleine conscience corporelle (ressemble au Body Scan de Kabat-Zinn).

ACT in New England List #8: April 2009

ACT in New England List
Mailing #8: April 2009

1. Welcome
2. ACT Trainings in New England
3. ACBS Cosponsorship Update
4. New Online Content
5. ACT Interest Groups and Peer Consultation Groups Forming!
6. Attached: Flyer

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(A flyer for White Pine Institute ACT trainings in New England is also attached.)

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