Bible resources for Christian clients

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Over the past few years, as I have learned more and more about ACT, I have been adding to spreadsheets I started some time back. I initially named the lists after the six ACT processes.  It seems that there has been some interest in these lists and therefore I am attaching them here. I tried for some time to do this in a format that could be added to, but it seems that this is not possible.  So suffice it to say that I do not by any means consider these lists to be exhaustive of the topics at hand. They have merely grown from my own personal study, and my own experience of the processes.  I moved on to using these with clients and in workshops. So far they have been well received, to the best of my knowledge. It would be very useful to receive comments and additions to the lists.

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Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you

Thank you very much for these references to the bible Ingrid. I am not a Christian, and not familiar with the bible. I had a client recently who took great comfort from the bible and it was great to give her some passages which directly related to the ACT I was doing with her. She really appreciated the extra perspective and I really felt it helped me to "speak her language".

bible resources

fantastic resource Ingrid thanks for putting that together. I am a christian and a psychologist and often have thought about ACT from a christian point of view rather than the buddhist one. I think Jesus was the ultimate mindful person.

Also, if you are interested in mindfulness practices in christian form, try reading Anthony de Mello, a jesuit psychotherapist from India. He is awesome and was writing about this stuff long before ACT came into being.

Thank you

Thank you Felicity. You might want to join the listserv if you haven't already - Actandthechristianclient - it is listed on this site.

I have looked at Anthony de Mello's stuff and it is great! Thank you